Nicky’s Make Believe Castle


                                                              An imaginary Play World your child controls

Nicky’s Make Believe Castle lets children step into a world of make believe in which they can make princesses run or jump, princes dance or do a somersault, and Nicky the dragon take a nap, giggle, or stamp his foot in a fit of dragon pique. Endless variations mean hours of ever-changing, imaginative play.

Explore Nicky’s Castle with friends Princess Tara, Prince Tom, and, of course, Nicky the Dragon.


                    TaraTalk3T     NickyTalk4T     TomTalk4T

“Castle is a software toy that puts children’s imaginations in charge. They learn through play as they always did.”

-Dr. Seymour Papert, Father of educational computing, Professor Emeritus of the MIT Media Lab and winner Software Publisher’s Association Lifetime Achievement award.



Lite version comes with 3 characters: Nicky the Dragon, Princess Tara and Prince Tom, 4 rooms to explore (outside the castle, courtyard, great hall, bedroom), and 12 different actions per character. Other features, like an easy-to-use interaction editor and pre-recorded character lines mean your child can choose what characters say or do when they meet. Name your Castle with the Crest Editor outside the castle entrance. Paint a picture by touching the empty picture frame in the bedroom.

Commercial version adds 6 more characters (a Wizard and a Witch, a good Knight and a not-so-good Knight, a Court Jester and a Horse) and 2 more rooms (Dungeon and Woods), as well as the ability for your child to record personal audio lines thereby adding their own voice to their make-believe story.

Ages:  5 and under                                                                                       In-App Purchases: None!
Language: English                                                                                        Ads: None!
System: Ipads with ios 6.1 and higher                                                         Cost: Lite is FREE! Commercial is $2.99
Easy-to-use:  child-friendly icons and Audio Help

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