About Us

Who We Are

My Make Believe Inc. is a small company, led by Michael Quinn and composed of people who have been working in the intersection of education and technology for over 30 years. Michael is also President of LCSI, the company founded by the father of educational computing, Professor Seymour Papert. My Make Believe Inc is an independent spin-off that continues to follow Papert’s beliefs that children need the opportunity to explore big ideas in a world they control.

Pic-2 toy soldiersWho hasn’t spent many hours of childhood, playing with dolls or action figures, creating imaginary worlds filled with not only exciting adventures (knights, princesses, wizards) but also everyday life experiences (playing house or school)? Michael often thought about his childhood, when he spent hours happily playing with toy soldiers made by the W. Britain Company, making-up stories, creating rules for battles, planning strategies. He wanted to create such a world for children with technology, a world where their action figures come to life!

In the 1990’s, with this goal in mind, Michael guided the development of LCSI’s My Make Believe Castle an award-winning software product for computers.DRAGON-MMBC

In 2012, Michael embarked on a new project – to create the world he envisioned in the original My Make Believe Castle and make it available on iPads.

Michael remains President of Logo Computer Systems Inc (LCSI), which publishes MicroWorlds JR, an iconic coding language for kids ages 4 to 8,  and MicroWorlds EX, a coding language for kids 9 to 14 described by Dr. Gary Stager as the “best programming language for kids—ever.” Both of these products are available for both Mac and Windows computers. MicroWorlds EX is the coding language used in the recently released book Coding for Kids for Dummies, by Dr. Camille McCue. For more information about JR or EX, visit,  www.microworlds.com