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There are 4 places inside the app that provide help. In each of these places, look for this icon:  ?

  • Landing Page (top left corner) – Text Introduction
  • Main Toolbar (top left side) – Audio Help
  • Inside the Brown Speaker editor (bottom right side) – Audio Help
  • Inside the Actor Interaction Editor (bottom right side) – Audio Help


a) Touch Nicky the Green Dragon and drag the Dragon to the play area. Make sure the Green light in the top toolbar is on.

b) Drag an action icon, for example the banana peel, in front of Nicky and watch what happens.


There are a lot of options for what to do next. Here are just a few!

  • Add Princess Tara or Prince Tom to the scene.
  • Select the Pathmaker in the Toolbar path_button  then touch a friend in the scene, and, without picking up your finger, draw a path. Click on the green light and watch your friend follow the path.  (Remember, make sure the green light is on!)
  • Get a friend to speak. Touch the brown speaker icon. BrownSpeaker1  The Character Talk Editor opens. Swip and select a friend and one of 6 audio lines or sounds. Your selected choices will have a yellow outline. Touch the White Play Triangle to hear it. If you like it, touch the + sign at the bottom of the box and then touch the Go Back Arrow in the top left corner. Make sure the friend walks over the brown speaker.


  • For kids close to starting school, the Character Interactions Editor introduces a basic coding concept – what happens when two friends (objects) meet? For example, when Nicky meets Princess Tara, Nicky could dance and Princess Tara could be happy. If you want to see the code, in the bottom left corner of the Character Interactions Editor, touch the word CODE. In the coding world, Nicky and Tara would be the equivalent of smart objects-similar to the coding of the old Pac-Man game where Pac-man  lost a life when he encountered a ghost like Blinky.


Swipe on the top to select Characters and swipe on the bottom to select Actions. Remember to touch SAVE, on the top right side, and then the Go Back Arrow. The next screen is your Library of Saved Interactions. You should see Nicky and Princess Tara and the selected actions. Touch the Go Back Arrow again and make sure they meet on the screen.

Most importantly –

Touch things! Try things! Explore!

Note: Some children like to “push boundaries” to see how much they can add. Your child might be the same. He or she may want to add 12, 20 or 30 friends all at once to a scene. After about 12 friends, the app starts to slow down and it looks like they are walking with ankle weights!

The app has some “clickables”…things that happen if your child touches something in the scene.  We won’t tell you how many  – they’re there to discover!



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